• Hey Beauties !

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    Hey Beauties !

    What is going on ? What are you guys up to ? Hope all is good! I'm here brainstorming about what my new style will be going into the next season. Have you guys ever felt like grrrrr I am so sick of this hairstyle!!! But its my go to hair style and it fits my cherubic cheeks so perfectly and I do not want to spend a million dollars on a hairstyle to be disappointed. Yes I feel your pain. Well I jotted down some notes in my book today, because my stylist is off on Sundays. what kind of change do I want? I want something bold. What is bold for me? Changing a hair color or length. So i decided jet black, blonde was an option, but blonde in the fall is a bit much. Shhhh don't laugh, I'm kind of conservative. So i decided jet black and big, big, big, curly hair short... Oh and with bangs. Think Kelly Rowland curly style that she wore when she was revamping her look. So what kind of looks are you guys going for this fall? Comment on this post. I would love to hear it. 



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  • Ingredients Beware...

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    Hey Blushing Babes !

    The last 2 weeks we were chatting about hair structure. Now this week we will discuss ingredients to be mindful of when purchasing products. The main thing that you do not want are products that will dry your hair out or weigh your hair down. Brittle and stiff hair should be a sin.  One main ingredient that dries out your hair that is found in many hair products is "sulfate". Sulfate strips your hair of its natural oils causing your strands to become dry, brittle, and lack luster. This is really important when it comes to maintaining hair extensions because you are not getting natural hair oils, instead you are responsible for ensuring your hair extensions are getting the proper nourishment. Do a quick inventory check this week and get rid of any sulfate containing products. Replace these products with products from Shea Moisture which are known to be sulfate free. If you are not able to make the change right away and go cold turkey, replace them little by little. 

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  • I know my hair porosity, now what????????

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    Sooooooo we always rave about shea moisture and no we do not get paid for it lol. But they have created a product lie especially for your porosity level!!!!!!!!!!!! Yassssssss. Like how innovative are they?  So they have 2 lines and they are high porosity and low porosity. Once you know your porosity level, check them out .  We are also giving away some products for you guys who have followed along.  Email, DM, or text us your porosity level and address. We will send 3 lucky winners Shea moisture porosity gift sets. 

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  • The Lil cheat sheet about Porosity

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    A lil cheat sheet when it comes to porosity ( Side bar : I hope most of you tested your porosity of your hair and read the other blog posts). If you noticed  while reading about porosity it has a lot to do with cuticles of your hair. Remember when I said cuticle is king ( BAE ) . Cuticles on curly, straight, and wavy hair differs. A way to make it easier is to remember 2 things :

    1. Curly hair cuticles are raised , therefore they have higher porosity
    2. Straight hair cuticles lay flat, therefore have  lower porosity
    If you keep those 2 things in mind, your approach to different kinds of hair and the maintenance will be a lot better. That is our goal, to make hair maintenance easy for you ladies. Any questions ? comments? Leave your feedback below.

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  • Do you know your hair porosity?

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    Hair porosity is your hairs ability to absorb moisture. Knowing your porosity level will help you determine which products will be mostly suitable for daily and weekly maintenance of your hair. Having low porosity hair means that the cuticles lay in a flat direction and holds on to the cortex tightly, not allowing moisture to penetrate your hair stands easily. If you ave high porosity hair it is the opposite. The hair cuticles are raised and allow moisture to enter and leave the hair freely, which is not a good thing. We all want to maintain moisture. Moisturized skin and hair are goals !!!!! Right? So how do we know if we have low or high porosity hair, well there area few things that you can do. The easiest test is:

    1. Take a few strands of your hair. Make sure that the strands are clean, if they are dirty or have product on the hair, the test will not be as accurate.
    2. Fill a glass with water (not too hot or too cold)
    3. Put the hair in the water and observe for about 5 minutes. If your hair sinks to the bottom really fast, then my friend you have high porosity hair. If it stays to the top of the water than you have low porosity hair.If it goes to the bottom of the glass at a normal rate, than you have normal porosity hair.

    This test can be done on both hair extensions and your natural hair. We want to know what kind of hair do you have ? High or low? I will share the results on our social media today as well.

    Wednesday we will have a little cheat sheet on porosity.


    Team Blushing !

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