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Hey Beauties !

What is going on ? What are you guys up to ? Hope all is good! I'm here brainstorming about what my new style will be going into the next season. Have you guys ever felt like grrrrr I am so sick of this hairstyle!!! But its my go to hair style and it fits my cherubic cheeks so perfectly and I do not want to spend a million dollars on a hairstyle to be disappointed. Yes I feel your pain. Well I jotted down some notes in my book today, because my stylist is off on Sundays. what kind of change do I want? I want something bold. What is bold for me? Changing a hair color or length. So i decided jet black, blonde was an option, but blonde in the fall is a bit much. Shhhh don't laugh, I'm kind of conservative. So i decided jet black and big, big, big, curly hair short... Oh and with bangs. Think Kelly Rowland curly style that she wore when she was revamping her look. So what kind of looks are you guys going for this fall? Comment on this post. I would love to hear it. 






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