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Sooooooo we always rave about shea moisture and no we do not get paid for it lol. But they have created a product lie especially for your porosity level!!!!!!!!!!!! Yassssssss. Like how innovative are they?  So they have 2 lines and they are high porosity and low porosity. Once you know your porosity level, check them out .  We are also giving away some products for you guys who have followed along.  Email, DM, or text us your porosity level and address. We will send 3 lucky winners Shea moisture porosity gift sets. 

Blushing Bundles


  • Posted On January 13, 2017 by Marian

    I love you blushing bundles I bought some hair during the Black Friday and I’m finally going to install and put it on my new YouTube channel! Love you guys here in Chicago!!! Xoxo yt: simplymarian

  • Posted On January 13, 2017 by Sharon

    I have always wanted to try various products from shea moisture but the college life has me broke lol! This is a great opportunity for us girls who are newer to shea moisture’s hair products ! I would love to try these !!

  • Posted On January 13, 2017 by Latanya Bloodsaw Bloodsaw

    So my hair porosity is so so high.. Thanks for the opportunity I love your products and information is very informative..I wish all gd luck and a happy new year!!! I am so BLUSHING as I write this thing BLUSHING BUNDLES ?

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