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Hey Blushing Babes !

The last 2 weeks we were chatting about hair structure. Now this week we will discuss ingredients to be mindful of when purchasing products. The main thing that you do not want are products that will dry your hair out or weigh your hair down. Brittle and stiff hair should be a sin.  One main ingredient that dries out your hair that is found in many hair products is "sulfate". Sulfate strips your hair of its natural oils causing your strands to become dry, brittle, and lack luster. This is really important when it comes to maintaining hair extensions because you are not getting natural hair oils, instead you are responsible for ensuring your hair extensions are getting the proper nourishment. Do a quick inventory check this week and get rid of any sulfate containing products. Replace these products with products from Shea Moisture which are known to be sulfate free. If you are not able to make the change right away and go cold turkey, replace them little by little. 


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