Welcome to Our World


You are cordially invited to enter the Boutique of Blushing Bundles, where our beauties leave blushing without spending bundles. The affordable luxury virgin hair company was created to provide long lasting, affordable, high-quality hair extensions. When entering Blushing Bundles, beauties have the option of choosing hair from the exotic islands of Brazil, Malaysian luxurious textures or the full flowing hairs of Peru. Blushing Bundles are available in lengths 16 - 30 inches, when measured straight.

Blushing Bundles prides itself in customer service and works to treat each beauty royally. Our beauties are welcomed to contact customer service by phone or email for direct and prompt consumer service.


About Our Founder


A Brooklyn bred, with a passion to show the beauty of today's working woman, Mika Kelly established Blushing Bundles. From maintaining a household, to balancing work and raising a young queen, one can easily feel exhausted; nonetheless creator and Founder Mika, has established an affordable luxury hair company, where woman are able to 'blush' through the beauty of their hair. As a working mother, Mika comprehends the tussle of balancing of motherhood, a home and essentially maintaining self-beauty. Mika's goal and commitment of Blushing Bundles is to cater to the everyday woman through affordable high quality hair extensions and hair care.

Blushing Facts about Mika


  • Cried everyday on the first day of school until 4th grade
  • Has a goal in life to eat every lobster roll in the world
  • Can not walk in heels to save her life
  • Deals with the struggle of having no eyebrows daily
  • Believes life without travel is not living