Installation Day!

Co Wash
Air Dry
Seal Wefts
Avoid cutting the wefts as this could cause shedding


Avoid products containing alcohol, sulfate and parabens
Keep styling products to a minimum it weighs the hair down
Styling tools such as curling/flat irons daily is ok for body wave/straight hair.** Apply Heat protecting agent
Apply jelly soft curls, spray with water, scrunch, and go for deep wave/curly**. Flat/curl irons may change curl
wave pattern


Satin Bonnet at night before bed
Satin pillow cases
Twisting hair, pin curling, flexi rods for curly/wavy look in the morning
Wrapping hair at night for straight hair with bounce in the morning


Shampoo / Co wash weekly
Detangle by brushing hair from the bottom and work your way upwards toward the wefts
Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing down hair
Leave in conditioner prior to styling


How to maintain a curly weave

Do you have a fuzzy and tangling curly weave every time? Fuzzy weave is a result of two reasons:

1. Dry Hair - To prevent dryness, you should keep your weave moisturized. Keeping it moisturized will help form the curls more and keeping it from shedding. Use organic or natural leave-in conditioners that are designed for curls. Let it rest hanging or placed in a weave holder head to keep the curls from resting. Alternate the weave you use, weaves naturally aren’t meant to be worn for long periods of time.

2. Too much combing / brushing - Excessive styling, combing or brushing will damage the hair since curls are more delicate than straight weave. Handle the weave with care and touch/comb/brush it as minimum as possible.

3. Delicately wash and dry it - When washing, use natural products and if necessary, when blow drying use a diffuser attachment to prevent frizz.

4. Use hands - As much as possible, use your hands when combing or stroking the weave rather than a comb or brush. In this way, you could control the shedding and it will maintain the natural bounce and curl of the weave.