1. How many ounces are in a bundle?

- 3.5 Ounces.

2. How many bundles will I need for a full sewin?

- 14-16 inches we would suggest 2 bundles, 18-22 inches 3-4 bundles, 22 inches and longer 5-6 bundles.

3. Will I experience shedding ?

- Shedding is normal, so normal shedding like a strand or two is normal. To keep shedding to a minimum , we suggest sealing your wefts prior to installation.

4. How long will it take to receive my order?

- Please see our terms and condition page.

5. Can I speak to a Blushing Beauty Advisor?

- Yes you can reach us toll free at 844-BLUSHED Monday-Friday 9a.m-1p.m

6. I ordered my hair and live In NYC can I come to your location for pick up?

- At the moment you can not. We will launch a store soon, please sign up to our newsletter.

7. Can I color my hair extensions ?

- Yes you can. Please see our terms and conditions page.

8. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

- Please see our terms and conditions page.

9. Do you ship internationally?

- We do not at the moment. However, we are expanding in the near future and we plan to do so soon.

10. I purchased the hair and need tips on how to maintain my hair ?

- Please refer to our hair care tips.